Robotic Process Automation (RPA) course for Finance Professionals

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) course for Finance Professionals


“RPA course for Finance Professionals”

Heard of RPA right ??? like robots are going to take our jobs. Everywhere robots will work by replacing us and make us jobless!!

With the current covid crisis – every company is thinking of automation to reduce costs right ??? And also we are hearing a lot more tech implementations and advancements happening In AI, ML, IoT, and all…

Well, all this is happening, and as Finance Professionals, we all need to get updated with all these technical terms to stay ahead of the crowd.

But where do we find such resources ??

Don’t worry – I am here to help !!

My self Premkasi, I am a CA CS, RPA & Fintech enthusiast. I have worked on the RPA domain in Bahrain where we implemented the digital workforce in F&A areas.

With that experience and Hands-on exposure, I wish I could share my views, experiences, and knowledge on RPA with our CA community. I have created a complete course on RPA / robotics in F&A for Finance professionals. Any CA, CMA, CS / MBA’s and tech enthusiasts can check out this course to have an added advantage to upskill themselves

Please check out the complete course contents here…Happy Learning!

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What Will I Learn?

  • 1.Complete understanding of RPA - Robotic process automation
  • 2. How exactly the BOTs work thus helping us in carrying out our activities
  • 3.How an RPA journey goes in an organization
  • 4.What NEW roles are there for Finance professionals in the RPA domain
  • 5.The Skills and capabilities to drive the RPA projects in your company
  • 6.Early bird advantage with through knowledge on leading technologies
  • 7.New Job opportunities as every company is looking for automation
  • 8.Project manager roles/Process analyst roles to lead the Project implementation

Topics for this course

30 Lessons04h 06m

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) course for Finance Professionals?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) course for Finance Professionals
Introduction to RPA course and trainer9:07
Contact us and Suggestions1:47
What is RPA in simple terms?5:47
How the RPA Bot works ? (Live DEMO on Invoice booking by Bot)7:52
Why RPA is required ?7:48
Benefits of implementing RPA13:04
How to select a process for RPA ?9:59
Myths/misconceptions about RPA10:12
Challenges in RPA Implementation12:14
3 Golden rules of RPA2:15
Complete RPA Journey in any organisation16:22
Use cases of Automation in Finance11:10
Use cases of Automation in HR9:11
Use cases of Automation in Audit7:11
Use cases of Automation in Taxation7:43
Types of Bots3:47
Types of Automation Models9:09
Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning & the relation with RPA9:15
Hyper Automation – The Strategic technology for 2020 !3:43
Hyper Automation – Intelligent Insurance claims Processing7:38
Hyper Automation – Purchase Order Booking5:17
RPA as a Service – The next big thing4:50
Various Players/RPA tools in the RPA market14:28
Comparision between top 3 playes w.r.t UI Path, Automation Anywhere, BluePrism11:24
New Roles created for Finance Professionals by RPA6:46
Technologies that work with RPA – OCR, Computer Vision, Sceenscrapping, Proof of concept and Orchestration9:27
Other Technologies beyond RPA – NLP, Deep learning, IOT, API and Cognitive Automation9:55
Skills for Perfect RPA Functional and Technical Consultants14:17

RPA Updates and Industry Usecases?

Here we will be Discussing the Doubts and Latest Updates in RPA domain. Weekly Sessions Conducted will be uploaded here. This segment is Optinal for the learner, But we recommend to go through this to Stay Updated !!

RPA Assessment

Free Resources and Reference materials?

I will be sharing all the relevant resources on RPA on daily basis here !!

About the instructor

Premchand kasi

Tech Courses Instructor

A budding professional in the digital age and a Qualified Chartered Accountant, Mr. Premchand Kasi has 3+ years of experience post qualification in fields of Audit, Process Improvements (Internal controls and RPA Projects), Project management, Finance, and Taxation.

He is also a Company secretary and Pursuing M.com from IGNOU. He has various certifications on revolutionary technologies namely  Automation, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and Data Analytics.

He began his career with Larsen and Toubro Ltd. (Construction division) and has won accolades for his contribution to the organization. Currently, he is working as Project manager with an MNC in Bahrain for Robotic Process automation (Deploying the so-called Digital Workforce) for Finance activities. A subject matter expert for giving ideas to ensure the task is done by Soft robots instead of humans working on the repetitive rule-based activities.

He believes Fintech is the future of CA’s and his aim is to develop a Database of proven & used cases of application on revolutionary technologies around the world.

He believes in Never Settle and always strive for innovation in you and your ideas.

Stay hungry –Stay Foolish – Stay updated !!!

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All I could understand about RPA before opting for this course was that it is a technology to automate all day-to-day administrative processes and can be done only by technically qualified people.
But believe it or not, I have a much wider and clear understanding, vision, and sense of the entire topic now. Even finance professionals like us can play a vital role in it.
This course is beautifully designed for people like me to give a kick-start and get a fantastic knowledge about RPA and its use-cases. Prem Sir has done a wonderful job by explaining each and every concept and providing useful resources in such a short and economical course.
For every RPA enthusiast out there, all I could say is that its a highly recommended course and investment. Go for it without a doubt !

Simple and easy to understand RPA from scratch. All the stuff that comes inside your head when you hear the word RPA in covered in this course.
The best part is that Premchand sir keeps on updating this course, provides you the required guidance and and makes sure you are connected to the practical world and not only the theoretical world. Being a CA student, this course is something u must do, it will add huge value in your life and also u can develop a skill which is different from the crowd. Absolutely loved it :)

This course is awesome.
Initially I was skeptical on opting this course but this course guided me about what kind of processes to be chosen for automation and what not.
Prem sir explained very well with use-cases too.Practically speaking,these use-cases also give you the food for thought about what processes one can automate in their organization.
I would recommend every CA/CMA/CS student to pursue this course to get essential knowledge about automating variety of works in their office.

The explanation was very simple and understandable, Even words which were used in PPT also simple to understand. over all i have learnt what is RPA, where can be used and what tool available and what all job available and etc. once again Thank you

RPA may sound easy to understand but not everyone can be technically sound to elaborate the intricacies and basics in the simplest manner as was done by Prem Sir. This entire course gives you an overall perspective of RPA and why it is important to learn and upgrade yourself.
From defining terminologies to explaining it with real-life examples the trainer has done a fantastic job. I highly recommend this course to finance professionals who want to explore options and are willing to learn. Happy Learning!

It’s a perfect course to understand the End to End flow relating to RPA journey
Mr.prem has covered the real time use cases and description links for better understanding of concepts where ever necessary
Clearly showcased how RPA implementation will be done in an organisations and its challenges as well
He has covered the advanced trending technologies relating to NLP, AI, Deep learning ,Machine learning
This is a best course for those who want to explore more on RPA Journey

Much needed for the people in finance domain as well as finance professionals.

Well explained in a systematical manner breaking session into a suitable length of the presentation. Sequencing of topic RPA in easily understandable flow.

This is an amazing course, well designed and explained by Mr. Prem. The course is all about RPA, its journey in the organization, benefits and challenges in implementation, differentiation with AI, ML and about different RPA tools out there in the market.nAs the future is all about robots, I would recommend to start with basics which is very well explained here. And further Mr. Prem is easily approachable in case if you want to discuss your doubts. nSo, Go for it!!

This is an excellent course for someone who is trying to familiarize with the technologies that will be ruling the upcoming years.
Mr. Prem has covered the topics not only from the concepts point of view but also from the organizational point of view. For Ex. Points to be remembered while implementation of RPA Tool. ( Development, Testing, Production & Quality environment).
Keep it up!!!


Material Includes

  • Wherever required the Reference materials has been enclosed at the end of each video


  • Please follow these for better learning Experience
  • 1. Suggested to play the video's in the same order
  • 2. All the reference materials links shall be opened in the New tab by clicking cntl + click or right-click to open in new link

Target Audience

  • The course is specially curated for Finance professionals like us being
  • 1. Chartered Accountants
  • 2. Cost Accountants
  • 3. Company secretaries
  • 4. MBA Finance professionals
  • 5. All Fintech enthusiasts and learners